Welcome to the Division of General Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at Vienna General Hospital, Medical University of Vienna


Our department is responsible for the anesthesiological and intensive care needs of patients at over 40 clinical locations - including 24 ICU beds - on a daily basis. Additionally, we also manage 32 ICU beds in cooperation with the Departments of General Surgery, Transplantation Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Neurosurgery.

Patient care is based on leading-edge medical knowledge in concert with state of the art technologies, helping us to assure the highest possible level of patient satisfaction and safety. This foundation also serves as the core of our outstanding residency training program, which is itself a focal point of our department. Our commitment to education is underscored by our continual development and implementation of innovative teaching methods - for students as well as residents - such as recurrent medical simulation training with up to seven full scale simulators.

Next to patient care and clinical training, basic and clinical research represents one of our key missions. Since 2011 we defined several key areas in our research program, which you may read more about under the research section on our departmental website. These key areas help our staff to develop their academic careers in a goal oriented fashion and facilitate a successful application for academic scholarships at the Medical University of Vienna.

I invite you to read through our website and learn more about our diverse range of activities. I would be pleased to personally answer any specific questions about our department.




Univ. Prof. Dr. Klaus Markstaller




Alle Informationen zu den 13. Wiener Anästhesietagen 2020 finden Sie hier.




(Wien, 14-03-2019) Klaus Markstaller, Leiter der der Universitätsklinik für Anästhesie, Allgemeine Intensivmedizin und Schmerztherapie der MedUni Wien/AKH Wien, hat die Präsidentschaft der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Anästhesiologie, Reanimation und Notfallmedizin (ÖGARI) übernommen. President elect ist Walter Hasibeder (Zams), der bisherige ÖGARI-Präsident Rudolf Likar (Klagenfurt) bleibt d


Nach dem großen Erfolg der 1. Wiener Notarzttage 2017 standen auch dieses Jahr wieder alle an der präklinischen Notfallmedizin in Wien beteiligte Einsatzorganisationen im Mittelpunkt. Die Themen der 2. Wiener Notarzttage 2018 waren die Bewältigung eines Großschadensereignisses sowie die Frage, welche invasiven Maßnahmen in der präklinischen Notfallmedizin zukünftig die Überlebensrate steigern werd


Das Team der Medizinischen Simulation und Patientensicherheit hat im Herbst 2018 gemeinsam mit internationalen Experten erstmalig den Kurs Masterclass in Life Threatening Emergencies in ICU der European Society of Intensive Care Medicine erfolgreich abgehalten